Mama Massage by Michelle

Each woman and every pregnancy is different yet one consistent variable is that growing a baby is hard work. Mama-To-Be's body undergoes drastic changes to support development of baby -and- the series of changes can be downright hard on mama's body! 


Chronic pain, neck tension, pelvic tightness, pregnancy backache and leg cramps shouldn't be the focus of your special time, baby should be!  


Massage Therapy is a natural, safe, effective approach to address the pain and discomforts associated with pregnancy. Mama Massage offers a range of benefits while pregnant and promotes rapid recovery once baby has arrived ♥


Bringing new life to our world is a labor of love. It is my honor to participate in your pregnancy by offering the specialized skills I have to help you. Please read about me and services offered to see if Mama Massage by Michelle is right for you...

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